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How to use short videos to sell goods

In 2019, e-commerce ushered in a new era, using short videos to sell goods.

According to the official data, in 2018, the monthly growth rate of Taobao live broadcast reached 350%, the annual GMV exceeded 100 billion, and the store conversion rate exceeded 65%. There are a number of consumers in Taobao livestream shopping amount of tens of millions of yuan, per capita "cut" 2,400 yuan.

In addition to the public is familiar with the "net red one elder brother Li Jiaqi" and so on, there are some ordinary people also began to sell goods, such as fast hand 10-year-old boy teaching English monthly income of 50,000, douyin not to fall weng little sister, one person with a fire a city......

Obviously, whether kuaishou or Douyin are still containing huge flow dividend. Then why are they so popular? Is there any experience we can learn from?

Here are four things you need to do before you can sell

Douyin is known as an "algorithmic mechanism" that recommends videos based on tags; Kuaishou is more like a content display, relying on the cover and title to attract people. Relatively speaking, ordinary people are more suitable for Douyin, because as long as your content is good enough and continues to output, according to the mechanism of the platform, you may become popular.

For example, "Brother Zhengshan Beef", who only had more than 3 million followers, sold 1 million bottles of wine, 100,000 cases of beer and 200,000 pieces of steak during the 618 period, ranking first in the wine industry in China for 17 consecutive days.

Like this kind of a lot of large can fire up, because there are good early quality video accumulation, and then there is the outbreak.

There's a bit of luck involved, but it's more about studying what users like and being careful to produce good content. If everyone wants to take shortcuts, there are no shortcuts.

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